“Now I know I’m not alone in my frustrations. I’m even more committed to staying put and making my organization better by fighting for a more respectful workplace that supports me and my ideas.”


“I felt that the WON Leadership Circle was a sacred space where we could reflect and speak without having to prove ourselves, and we could bring our full thinking to the space and learn from each other.”

*II realized that I need to create my own space and leadership opportunities to grow and learn more in my organization. You can’t get something you don’t ask for!”

Through my experience with WON, I gained the confidence and figured out a smart strategy to speak up about issues between my supervisor and me…By reflecting on my situation with other women in WON, I realized that it was up to me to push for change if I wanted to see, and that my own leadership depended on it.


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet insightful, committed women organizers and to have a space to learn, share, compare experiences, and strategize to change sexist (and racist, classist) dynamics in social justice work.” -