WON Leadership Circle 2019


The Women's Organizing Network runs a six-month program for a group of women organizers at social justice organizing groups and unions across New York City: WON Leadership Circles. In the cohort, participants build relationships of mutual support with each other, in order to advance their own leadership, support the leadership of women members, and take action to work to bring an intersectional gender lens into their work.

Participants will participate in three main components:

Power Through Support and Solidarity: Reflect on personal leadership goals and give/get support from other like-minded cohort members.

Learning and Analysis: Learn about unconscious bias and internalized oppression and ways to overcome it in the workplace.

Action Projects: Create a plan for personal leadership and how to lift women in your organization.

Previous cohort members gained new ways of thinking about their own leadership style, methods to lift and support other women in their organization and perspective about applying an intersectional gender lens to the issues organizations they are are passionate about. Participants gained a heightened perspective on unconscious bias as well as ways to prevent and overcome them.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis until the 31st of July